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"The best therapist  has fur and four legs"



"A Dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself"

"My  Dogs have been the reason I have woken up every single day of my life with a smile on my face"


"If God created an animal more beautiful than an aussie, he kept it for himself"


     Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my website! We are located in Winston Salem, North Carolina but do offer shipping all over the US.


I take pride in raising the BEST of the breed. My love for aussies all started over ELEVEN years ago when I purchased my VERY BEST FRIEND my male dog "Newt". Everyone told me how "crazy" & silly I was for paying what I did and driving all the way to West Virginia to pick him up but I am so thankful I never listened. I would not take a million dollars for him now & that is no joke, wouldn't even think twice about it. Newt is my very best friend (he is really my child). He is simply the best behaved and well mannered dog I have ever been around. He goes everywhere with me, even to work...loves herding our horses & cows, really athletic..and a true lover. After taking Newt with me everywhere I had several people wanting puppies out of Newt so I decided to be on the look out for a female. Needless to say it took me over 2 1/2 years to find one I really liked. I purchased Maggie, my tri female out of Cherokee, North Carolina and she has simply been a blessing. She is just as smart as Newt but she doesn't care about riding or going places like he does. All of my adult dogs are FULL 9 panel health tested. My babies I raise are very well socialized and have a wonderful start! They go to the vet at 1-3 days old for removal of dew claws & tail, then back at 6 weeks for first six week shots & a health check over by the vet. These babies are raised around all sorts of animals and noises and come pre-spoiled, so be ready for a rotten pup! 

     Now we currently have "Newt" - blue merle male standing 14.5 inches - "Early" - blue merle male out of Newt I have held back - "Solo" - black tri male standing 15.5 inches- "Mags" - blue merle female (out of Maggie/Newt I raised)   - "Maggie May" - blue merle female (out of Maggie/Newt I raised) - "Rainy" a double blue eyed black tri standing 15.5 inches - "Precious" a black tri female with one blue eye 13 inches (Timberline bred)  - "Rio" a red tri female with double blues standing 14.5 inches - "Shasta" a red merle female standing 13.5 inches -  "Molly" whom is a Solo daughter I've held back - "Darla" (Timberline bred blue merle female) standing 14 inches 25 pounds - "Maw" - a black tri female standing 14 inches & "Reba" - a red tri female standing 13 inches -  "Rhetta" - a red tri female standing 15 inches out of Erica/Rhett I held back, you can view my females/males pages to see photos :)

I will take deposits of $250 to hold your pick or place in line for upcoming litters. I go in order deposits were sent for picks. 

All of my puppies come with vet records and tails docked, dew claws removed, all shots & shot records, their puppy food (I feed Fromm Adult Gold to my adults and Fromm Puppy Gold in a pink bag for my puppies - I order from, ships right to my door weekly) and a puppy package. All puppies can either be registered AKC Mini, AKC Aussie or ASDR. 




$1000-$2000 for tris / merles  PET ONLY
$2000-$2500 w/ BREEDING rights
$1000-$2000 blue eyed tris PET ONLY
  $2000-$2500 blue eyed tris BREEDING


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