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I have had so many wanting to visit or come see pups so wanted to have this posted to my page...

I wish you honestly knew how many people call or email or message wanting to "come by and visit a pup that's available" or to see it to see if they want it or to visit my dogs to see if they even want a puppy...I am not a pet store, I would honestly be a rotating door if I let everyone in and out and I have decided it's in my animals best interest to NOT allow visitors or many I will refer to as "puppy hoppers" (ones who will go place to place, kennel to kennel) in and out with my dogs and puppies. Parvo & many diseases and lots of sickness can very easily be spread to my dogs and can wipe them all out, it just takes that "one visit"! You can literally pick up parvo or all kinds of sickness just by walking somewhere and can bring it here on the bottom of your shoes, its so very easily spread and many people do not realize it! My dogs and their home means so much more to me, so if that means loosing a sale; so be it, that's fine! I know I probably have lost a sale of two by not allowing it but I'm perfectly ok with it.  My dogs are very well taken care of probably better than I take care of myself 😜...along with my puppies and I am definitely not trying to scam anyone or hide anything in fact I always post a ton of photos and have many, many reviews from several buyers on my facebook page "Bailey's Mini Aussie's. I'll gladly even send videos if wanted! :) Hope you understand! I love people & visitors but I love my dogs more! ❤️ Below is a very good read & is very important for new puppy owners to know and please go the extra mile to protect your little ones & even your adult dogs by getting their proper shots & keeping them up to date.

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